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Balad Set of 3 Lamps Bamboo H5"

SKU: 365100X6
$319.00 Each
This lamp will enrich our lighting offer with a new material: bamboo. Bamboo is a type of wood very suitable for the outdoor world. It is a wood resistant to humidity and temperature variations. Bamboo is a responsible choice of material. It grows extremely fast. Therefore, it is a good alternative to other exotic woods which take years to reproduce (Its production does not promote deforestation).

Box includes 3 identical Mini Lamps. 3-Point USB Charging Cable is included in the box. 

• Bamboo Handle 
• 3 light color temperatures: (1 neutral white (100%), 1 cool white (100%), 1 shimmering candle type at 2300°K
•  Indoor and outdoor use
•  Easy to clean (dry or slightly damp cloth)
•  Scratch-resistant (reminder: portable outdoor lamp with IK 10 impact resistance rating)
• Can withstand outdoor conditions (bad weather, moisture, UV rays, etc.)
• Recyclable material
• 10-14 hours of use after charged for 3.5 hours
• USB-C Cable

Balad Mini H.5 Bamboo