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Bellevie Premium 77"x35" Table

SKU: 8432
$4,152.00 Each

Bellevie Prem 77"x35"

$4,152.00 Each
This table is ideal for the whole family: it's perfect for snack time, homework, family games, dinners with friends or an improvised office space. It will delight young and old alike, and can accommodate anything up to 8 or even 10 people!

Please note:As the raw material, steel, is subject to corrosion (rust) near salt air conditions and chlorinated pools, Fermob recommends customers in these locations choose one of Fermob's Collections made of aluminum. How long corrosion takes depends on the environment the furniture is in and has much variation across the country.

  • Steel sheet table top
  • Aluminum base

Reinforced parts :

  • Steel table top (thickness : 0.06in.)
  • Stiffening crosspieces for intensive use
  • Drilled base for ground mounting
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Bellevie Prem 77"x35"