Alize Sunlounger

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The “zero-gravity” Alizé sunlounger, is perfect for relaxing and is widely recommended by medical professionals. From its efficient aluminum frame to its minimalist lines, this sunlounger combines streamlined design with extreme comfort. Boasting all the nobility and elegance of a transatlantic ocean-liner, the Alizé Sunlounger is the perfect poolside or outdoor lounge chair. With the legs positioned slightly above the heart, that the body adopts in a weightless state. The sensation of gravity is reduced seven-fold, similar to when the body is floating in water. The legs are raised and the thighs and torso form an angle of 127 degrees, thereby :
  • Significantly easing pressure on the lower back and spine.
  • Reducing tension in the lower back muscles.
  • Promoting improved blood flow in the legs and reducing strain on the heart.
  • Freeing up the rib cage and allowing the lungs to expand, which improves oxygenation. Zero gravity is reached by raising the feet (7°) and raising the backrest to the maximum (45°)

Commercial Use   ? Product designed for professional use in supervised public spaces such as restaurants, pools, beaches, hotels, multi family or rental units, and corporate environments. YES
Intensive Use   ? Mobile product, not fixed to the ground, designed for professional use in unsupervised public spaces such as public parks, highway rest areas, recreation facilities, and public or corporate squares that are accessible for extended hours. YES
Feature Stacking
Material Aluminum & OTF
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Pascal Mourgue

Working as an industrial designer for the last 25 years, he has built his career outside the media spotlight. His products, ever more numerous and ever more international in their reach, reflect a constant desire for modernity and simplicity. He accords as much importance to functionality and aesthetics as to the profitability of his products.

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  • Aluminum profile and stainless steel wire frame
  • Bed in Batyline® OTF outdoor fabric : ISO/DUO or STEREO
  • Tearproof, stain-resistant, mold-resistant, and shape-retention
  • Adjustable backrest 5 positions (13.5-22.5-27-30-32.5 in.)
  • Adjustable footrest (2 positions)
  • Zero gravity position available - Integrated wheels
  • Stacking : x 15 (Height - stacked : 55 in.)
  • Wheels built into the back legs 

Compatible with :

  • HEADREST 15 X 24 X 6 IN. - BASICS
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Alize Sunlounger