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New Year, New Trend:

A Breath of Fresh Air for the Home

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Fermob USA
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March 21, 2022 4:06:51 PM PDT March 21, 2022 4:06:51 PM PDTst, March 21, 2022 4:06:51 PM PDT

It’s a new year, full of new possibilities and new styles. For those whose new years’ resolution was to simplify life and start fresh, then you’re in luck – Fermob’s new color trend is just for you!

Famously known for bright colors, Fermob has now expanded into sophisticated neutral tones to create 2022’s Road Trip Trend. Minimalist and clean, Road Trip combines natural warmth with touches of brightness to exude calm and happiness.

Why “Road Trip?”

During wintertime, we often dream of warmer destinations. (Who wouldn’t daydream about a beach when all you see is snow!) This restlessness makes us ready to hit the road and explore somewhere new.

Fermob captured this feeling by creating a palett e of colors often seen in faraway places – cobblestone streets, sandy beaches, mountains, and deserts. Each Road Trip shade echoes natural materials found in these exotic locales, like bamboo, sand, and stone. Incorporate Fermob’s trend in your furniture, lighting, and decor, and you can bring something new to your home, without ever having to leave!

Trend Colors

Road Trip is Fermob’s updated take on monochrome, mixing white, gray, and black hues with a special twist. Fermob adds an unexpected pop of warm color, just enough to brighten even the darkest shade. By mixing the classic with the bright, Road Trip achieves a compelling yet elegant look.

Ready to try the trend yourself? Use our guide below for mixing and matching Road Trip’s five unique shades: Liquorice, Storm Grey, Clay Grey, Cotton White, and Honey.

Pictured: Surprising Low Armchairs, Salsa Side Table, Aplô Lamp, Cactus Trivet, Balad 10″ Lamp& Small Balad Stand

Pictured: Luxembourg 81″x39″ Table, Luxembourg Side & Armchairs, Mooon! Lamp, Alto Trays, Luxembourg Bar Cart

Pictured: Bellevie Sofa & Low Armchair, Bebop 24″ Table, Bebop 31″ Table, Inouï Lighted Stool, Aplô Lamp, Cactus Trivet

Pictured:Ribambelle Extending Table, Stripe Chairs, Basics Placemats, Mini Bamboo Balad Lamps, Itac Cylindrical Vase, Itac Rectangular Vase

Inspiration for the Home

With such versatile color combinations, the possibilities are endless! If you love the Road Trip trend but aren’t sure how to represent this in your home decor, let us inspire you.

Invite in freshness and beauty by adding decorative touches in the trend colors to your entryway. Fermob’s Acrobate Pegs(pictured left) and Itac Vases (pictured right) are more than just stunning accent pieces – each offers a practical use. Acrobate’s two carefully crafted hooks can hold the heaviest coats, umbrellas, and scarves (up to 100lbs!). Itac comes in two shapes, arched or squared, to perfectly frame whatever blooms your heart desires. And changing blooms with the seasons is easy, with a removable inner container that allows you to switch out water and blooms without ever moving the vase itself. To match the Road Trip palette, opt for these pieces in the natural Clay Grey and Anthracite shades.

Dining areas present the perfect opportunity to mix colors from the Road Trip trend through multiple elements.

Tired of monochrome? Use your dining table and chairs as a reflection of your creativity. Settle on a primary shade for your table, then find a complementary color. (Psst! The trend color guide is a great place to start.) Once colors are decided, split your dining chairs between the primary and complementary colors to create an inventive and balanced look.

To lighten up a neutral dining set, add a splash of warm color with lighting. We recommend Fermob’s Aplô and Mooon! Lamps in Honey, Nutmeg, and Red Ochre for brightening a tabletop.

No table is complete without decoration! Fermob’s Alto Trays are style and function combined, ready to hold plates, cutlery, and food at any moment. Alto’s two sizes each have a wide range of unique colors to complement any table. And for the finishing touch, decorate each place setting with a Fermob outdoor placemat.

Either outdoors or indoors, give your living spaces a sophisticated upgrade by utilizing the Road Trip trend on lounge furniture.

When it’s time to truly relax, surrounding yourself with calming colors is the first step. Encourage tranquility by employing the trend’s simpler, more neutral tones on larger pieces. Our pick for a clean and classic style is the Luxembourg Low Armchair in Fermob’s timeless Liquorice.

Accent tables and coffee tables offer an easy way to incorporate brighter shades and boost the energy of a larger space. For a radiant color like Honey, we recommend a small modern table like Salsa, Cocotte, or Alize, which can be tucked next to a sunlounger, between rocking chairs, or in the corner of a lounge set.

See more Road Trip color and design inspiration at FermobUSA.com!