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The Autumn Transformation:

Our Guide for Transitioning Fermob Indoors

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March 30, 2022 2:09:10 PM PDT March 30, 2022 2:09:10 PM PDTth, March 30, 2022 2:09:10 PM PDT

Temperatures are finally dropping! Though we cherish every moment spent outside in spring and summer, we love the changing of the seasons just as much. When the air gets chilly and crisp, we smile, grab a sweater, and prepare to get cozy for the indoor months. 

While you may be spending less time outdoors, you don’t have to say goodbye to your outdoor furniture when the weather turns cold. Each Fermob piece is designed to be versatile and multifunctional. Fermob may be built for the outdoors, but you’ll find it’s just as useful inside your home. To spark your imagination, we’ve compiled our expert advice for incorporating Fermob in your indoor spaces.

As the holiday season begins, family is something that we most look forward to spending time with. Whether they’re blood-bonded family, or a family you’ve found along life’s journey, spending time with them around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays makes the unwelcome cold and dark of the season somehow brighter. This Thanksgiving, be sure to give your family something to talk about with the casual beauty of Fermob’s Bellevie Dining Tables. We all know that sitting around dinner tables in a large family setting doesn’t always make for the most comfortable seating, but with Fermob’s Luxembourg Dining Chairs, the comfort comes to you. This way conversations with those we love can continue on long past previous years.

Twilight: the new autumn trend! Warm and deep colors, muted universes, calm and serenity.

Recommendations for Entertaining

Dining chairs and tables are the most commonly used Fermob pieces during the warmer months. These beloved pieces bring us together in the outdoors, and as we shift into a new season, they can offer just as much joy inside the home.

1) Shift your dining and entertaining indoors with round tables. Round tables (such as Bistro, Caractere, and Romane) have a naturally inviting, communal shape – perfect for game night, cocktails with friends, or weeknight dinners.

2) With a bit of creativity, a dining table can be so much more. Rectangular tables offer adaptable solutions for everyday life that easily fit into corners, nooks, and tucked-away areas. Transform your square/rectangular table into a desk, art station, or kitchen prep area.

3) With the holidays quickly approaching, finding extra seats for visiting family may be at the top of your to-do list. When space is limited, stacking or folding chairs give you the flexibility to host more guests, then conveniently stash the seats away until the next gathering.  

Suggestions for Decorating

When decorating any interior space, you want to be sure that you choose something eye-catching. Fermob’s colorful selection of benches has the benefit of being able to be used in multiple ways including a place to relax and warm up after tromping around in the cold weather. In addition to the Benches, Fermob’s Oiseaux Trivets make for a dramatic enhancement to any indoor space. With the added bonus of a set of CUUB Tealight holders to give just the right amount of ambiance to any family gathering, you really can’t go wrong. Including these colorful accessories to your dining table also makes for an excellent ice-breaker. When it comes to decorating your holiday table, you want to make an impression. Ios, the new single slim vase, would be the perfect addition. As for adding a cozy note to your indoors, go for the Itac vase, which you can put your favorite flowers.

Side and Low Tables

Bringing outdoor furniture inside for the season can sometimes be a hassle. However, with Fermob’s Side and Low Tables, that doesn’t have to be the case. Of any other tables, these are the most multifunctional. Take the Bebop Side Table for example; if it’s main location is outside on your patio, move it to a spot next to a bed for a unique nightstand and add a plant for that pop of color and wisp of nature during the colder weather. Low Tables, like Bebop and Salsa, also make for terrific coffee tables during the autumn/winter seasons. Just move them inside for the perfect place to set a mug of hot cocoa while sitting on a comfortable sofa enjoying a holiday movie with family.

Fermob’s tiered tables, such as Guinguette and Salsa, make moving these indoors the best possible option in the fall and winter. The added surface area allows you to place plants that you need to move indoors on the top levels of these tables while still allowing for storage or serving space underneath.

Seasonal Lighting

During the darkest months of the year, lighting your home can sometimes be a battle. Too much light in a room can be off-putting and too little makes it very difficult to function. Fermob has the perfect accents to any space with our Mooon!, Balad, and Aplo lamps. These unique and colorful lamps are not only super functional around the household, but are sturdy enough to hold up to any daily challenge.

The Balad lamp comes in a variety of different colors, but with three sizes to choose from, the amount of light permeating the space is your choice. These lamps can also fit perfectly in small spaces, like a play fort, children’s desk, or nightstand. An added benefit of this particular lamp is the multiple lighting options that you have, including a candle-flicker setting to mimic firelight.

The MOOON! lamps are a dramatic and lovely addition to any indoor space. With no lamp shade, you get the full glow of this globe, but you can manage the intensity with the Fermob Lighting App. If you only need a little bit of light, or the full range, you have the option to control one or more of these lamps remotely. The new Aplo lamp is probably one of the more versatile lamps Fermob offers. With its clever accessories, this lamp gives you the option to stick it on a table, attach it to the wall, hang it from the rafters, or carry with you on late-night walks with your dog.

Mooon! / Balad /Aplo Lamps

No matter what the temperature is outside, your Fermob furniture can play an active role in your daily life. Through these quick changes, you can transform your home with Fermob!