The History of Fermob’s Luxembourg Chair

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Initially produced for the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, Luxembourg has become something of a legend in its own right. Its style is an emblem of French design – an expression of French culture.

The Original SENAT Chairs

Created in 1923, the SENAT chair and armchair that originally appeared in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris has become an icon of French style and heritage. Commissioned by the Senate, the chairs’ presence grew in the gardens of Paris, spreading along walkways and around the ponds. The chairs became emblems of Parisian garden furniture, yet the designer and various manufacturers of the chair remain unknown.

When the SENAT chairs were showing wear and tear, the French Senate launched a call to tender in 1990. French company Fermob became a supplier of the SENAT chairs to the Luxembourg, Tuilleries and Palais-Royal gardens. Soon afterwards, around 2,000 chairs and armchairs populated the lush green spaces of the city.

Luxembourg, The Next Generation

In 2003, Fermob asked Frédéric Sofia to reinterpret the legendary chairs and armchairs of the Jardin du Luxembourg. Sofia eagerly embarked on the project – the one he calls his first “child” for Fermob.

Sofia meticulously studied the chairs in the garden by taking pictures, making sketches and taking measurements of the different chairs for an entire year. After lots of thought and consideration, Sofia decided that the chair needed a redesign.

He focused on creating greater comfort with new armrests and curved sections for the slats. By redesigning a once rustic garden chair into a sleek designer chair, the new range Luxembourg was born.

The result is a furniture line with distinctive lines and forms, combining the lightness and resistance of aluminum, the comfort of curved seat slats and the practicality of a stackable frame.

Today, Fermob’s Luxembourg Collection is a fabulous collection consisting of 34 furniture pieces in 23 vibrant colors made from aluminum whose features emulate lightness, joie de vivre and conviviality.

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