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The Perfect Holiday Gift for Everyone on Your List

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March 21, 2022 4:14:40 PM PDT March 21, 2022 4:14:40 PM PDTst, March 21, 2022 4:14:40 PM PDT

It’s starting to feel like a normal holiday season again: stores bustling with shoppers, packages showing up on the doorstep, and everyone counting down the days until the holiday party.

More than ever, we’re feeling grateful for the important people in our lives. As we look forward to seeing our loved ones in the coming weeks, we’re all searching for that perfect, thoughtful gift to make them smile.

To help you save time – and spend more of it with the people who matter most – we’ve compiled ideas for all your favorite people. And our holiday guide is fairly simple this year, because we’ve found that Fermob lighting has a solution for everyone! 

The Host/Hostess

For the expert party-giver, hosting an enjoyable event is everything. Make their job easier with a gift that will extend their dinner parties, pool parties, and cookouts well into the evening. Give the gift of time – more hours of happiness spent with friends and family – with a Fermob lamp.

Fermob’s thoughtfully designed lamps will help your loved one set the ideal ambiance for any event. Each style has multiple light settings to switch from bright to dim with a click of a button, so that as the sun goes down, the host can effortlessly match the environment. And with both warm and cool light settings available, the host can choose the perfect glow, whether it’s a relaxed or energetic atmosphere.

For small, intimate gatherings, we recommend the Aplô Lamp. With its complementary strap, the adaptable Aplô Lamp can be hung over a dining area to free up table space for food, drinks, and games. (But we also love grouping them together on the table as an eye-catching centerpiece.)

For larger spaces, the Inouï Stool is sure to liven up the party! With a powerful LED-lit baseInouï can easily illuminate a backyard, pool area, or patio. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, the host can set the Inoui’s brightness and ambiance with just a tap, all through the Fermob Lighting app. It’s also cleverly designed for multifunctionality, with a metal top where guests can conveniently place their drinks, or even take a seat. 

The Outdoor Enthusiast

Whether you’re shopping for a hiker, camper, fisherman (or all three!), it’s important to search for durabilitysafety, and portability. Look no further than a dependable outdoor lantern, such as Fermob’s Balad and Aplô collections.

Durable: Fermob lighting is designed to meet the demands of nature, from unpleasant weather to rough environments. Fermob wraps its LED lamps with a water-resistant and ultra-durable surface, built tough to withstand bumps and scrapes in the tough outdoors. No need to worry about hiking in the woods or camping by the lake – they can handle it all.

Safe: Every outdoor experience reminds us how precious nature is. Fermob crafts each piece with this knowledge at heart, to give your loved one peace of mind. Each outdoor lamp is carefully built with sustainably sourced and eco-friendly materials, including rechargeable batteries. The nature-lover can light up their campsite without matches, oil, or any substances that may be toxic and harmful to the environment, nearby wildlife, or even themselves.

Portable: With so much in the natural world to explore, the adventurer needs tools made for an on-the-go lifestyle. Fermob’s lightweight 10″ Balad offers instant mobility with an integrated handle, for a light source that’s easy to carry. For anyone who needs their hands free, we recommend the no-fuss solution of the Aplô Lamp and Strap, which combine in a click to wrap around a shoulder or tie on a backpack.

Aplô | Balad

The Homebody

Just as we all have an adventurer in our life, we often know someone who craves the comfort of their own home.

When home is their happy place, a Fermob lamp makes the perfect present to add warmth and beauty to their living space. Fermob develops each lighting piece to be a functional work of art, to look just as beautiful indoors as they do outside. Whether your loved one’s style is modern or traditional, eclectic or minimalist, there’s something to fit any aesthetic.

For indoor versatility, we recommend the Mooon! collection, a modern twist on the historic Parisian street lamp. Mooon! comes in three sizes, all with a variety of uses. The 16″ Lamp handily fits on a bedside table, desk, and mantle for soft ambiance wherever you need it. For large dining or living areas, we recommend the Mooon! 25″ and 53″ Lamps, which have the luminosity to brighten an entire room – and the added convenience of integrated Bluetooth technology. The lamp’s tone and brightness can be immediately switched through the Fermob Lighting app, so there’s no need to leave the couch to turn on the lights.

For those who love simplicity, we recommend the Bamboo Balad, a fresh take on Fermob’s popular lantern. With an all-natural bamboo handle that’s sturdy yet delicate, the Bamboo Balad reminds us that the most beautiful things in life come from nature.

Fermob’s lighting collections are available in up to six colors. Each Fermob color is unique, just like every home is unique! When shopping for someone else, it can be difficult to find the right shade. Our current favorites for any home decor are deep tones, featured in our winter color trend, Twilight. Sneak a peek at Acapulco BlueRed Ochre, and Anthracite from the Twilight trend, and you’ll find an instant favorite.

The Kids

The best part of the holiday season is watching the little ones experience its magic year after year. It’s the season of wonder, fun, and surprises!

Amaze the kids with an equally magical and fun gift, like a lamp they can tuck under the covers for storytime or stash away in a fort. The Mini Balad Lamp fits snugly in little hands for outdoor activities, like evening picnics, hide-and-seek, and chasing fireflies. Fermob’s Mini lamp also offers a special candle-flicker setting, for a soft glow at bedtime. (And Mini Balads come in sets of three lamps, so no need to worry about sharing.)

Mini Balad Bamboo Lamps

Fermob also has an option for any Disney-lover! Check out Fermob’s exclusive Mickey Mouse Lamp©, a playful light topped with the famous Mouse’s ears.

– See all Fermob lighting and other holiday gifts at FermobUSA.com – 

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