Airloop literally translates to "air loop." A well-found name for an aerial bridge and table that has steel wire curves that circulates air generously. Designed by Frédéric Sofia with his fruitful Fermob collaboration that was inspired by his first visit to the Thoissey workshops in the 90s. He was then amazed by the brand's craftsmanship and the manual forging of the rings of the 1900 chairs .

We find in Airloop a remarkable work of steel, expertise in wire bending and famous hand forged rings. We also find the romantic spirit of the 1900 collection, revisited in a more contemporary way. Airloop is a real feast for the eyes---its technical prowess are matched only by the elegance and finesse of its refined look. And by purchasing a seat or a table from the Airloop family, you will also be helping our environment due being made from steel which is a 100% recyclable material!

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Airloop Armchair
$399.00 Each