The key to this collection lies in its name, reflecting the joie de vivre that it brings to any terrace, garden or even interior. The generously-sized Bellevie range opens up a wide range of possibilities with a low furniture set perfectly coordinated with a dining set, itself offering several options.

We owe this contemporary line to the design studio Pagnon & Pelhaître who drew its simple, daring shapes to echo our lifestyles. Bellevie’s seating and tables boast geometric forms and soft curves that transcend styles and eras, combining the robustness of steel and the maneuverability of aluminum. Available in all the colors of the Fermob color chart you can have fun playing around with the various product colors with this complete collection, somewhere between a dining area and a space for relaxation, transforming garden furniture into real living area.

22 Products

Bellevie Chair
$638.00 Each
Bellevie Bench 63"
$1,460.00 Each
Bellevie Bench with Back
$1,738.00 Each
Bellevie High Stool
$606.00 Each
Bellevie Low Table
$1,463.00 Each
Large Low Table 54.5x31.5"
$1,050.00 to $1,500.00 Each
Bellevie Table 29x31"
$1,383.00 Each
Bellevie Low Armchair
$2,481.00 Each
Bellevie Sofa - 2 Seater
$4,220.00 Each
Bellevie Sofa - 3 Seater
$6,137.00 Each