With its evocative name, Lapilli Grey and its speckled effect has been added to the Fermob color chart. 
Inscribed in mineral, this new exclusive color evokes stone and nature in its raw state, adding depth to the traditional textured finish.  
Hurry and discover the deep nature of Lapilli Grey through an artistic and unique staging. 

Elegantly nestled between Storm Grey and Clay Grey, Lapilli Grey adds its neutral grey tone to enhance the entire range, inviting subtle, contrasting, tone-on-tone or monochrome combinations.

Here's our Lapilli Grey with Bart Lanzini, painter and visual artist. These two are made to get along. Two very inspired personalities. One only has to look at what they've managed to do with this industrial wasteland: explosive, joyful, warm and lively color combinations. It's no longer a wasteland, but a fresco! 

> I'm composed of two shades of grey to create a speckled effect, the result of a beautiful collaboration between Fermob and Axalta, longtime supplier of paints for the brand.

> My speckled effect is created through the innovative combination of two greys that don't mix. This is a nod to the small porous stones ejected by erupting volcanoes.

> I go well with all the colors on the color chart!

> I'm a powerful color that invites contrasts and duality!

> With bright colors, I soften the contrast with my concrete look, waking up or calming the intensity of the colors.

> In my analogy to rocks and our earth, I bring a sense of stability, longevity and calm.

Lapilli Grey is ready to take over your patios and gardens! 

Lapilli Grey blends well with other colors! 
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