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Returns, Refunds & Cancellations

No Returns, Exchanges or Cancellations – ALL SALES FINAL Orders placed and confirmed are not eligible for cancellation, refund or return. The manufacturer’s warranty for covered products will still apply. Information about the manufacturers warranty and/or support contact information can be found within the items detail page on our website.

Trade Accounts

We work with Commercial and Residential Design Professionals in projects all over the United States and Canada. To apply for a Trade Account with us, please click here.

Contract and Trade Orders purchased with a discount on List pricing are Final Sale and are not eligible for returns or exchanges. If you are a trade customer and unsure if you want this order, paying retail price will allow you flexibility in returns.

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Shipping Claims

While it would be ideal to open each box individually and confirm you received the right items in perfect condition, you can't expect the driver to wait while you do that. He has places to go and products to deliver! However, here's what you can do: • Inspect the outside of each box/bag. Note on the bill of lading which boxes are damaged and how. Be specific with descriptions like "box has crushed corner" or "bag has hole on long side"; and TAKE PICTURES. • Look at the stretch wrap. Our stretch wrap is unique with the Fermob Logo on it, this is so that it is easy to tell if the pallet has been re-wrapped before delivery. was used to package the boxes on the pallets, look to see if there are any places where the stretch wrap was torn or pulled away. These could be signs that part of your shipment is missing. • Count. Make sure the quantities delivered match the bill of lading. If you received a pallet shipment, don't just count the pallets. Count the boxes on each pallet. Should there be a problem with your shipment, and you need to file a claim, all the information, documentation and pictures must be submitted to use within five days so that we may file with the appropriate carrier. If you find damage to your delivery after the driver leaves, submit your information as soon as possible to customerservice@fermobusa.com each freight company has different windows of opportunity for filing claims, but sooner is always better.