Picoti Bird Feeder

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$118.00 Each

Picoti Bird Feeder

$118.00 Each

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In addition to your outdoor furniture, comes an outdoor accessory. Fermob's modern take on the classic bird feeder. The Picoti Bird Feeder features a removable stainless steel bowl and steel sheet frame. Durable for the outdoors and adding the perfect touch to your garden decorations. 

Commercial Use   ? Product designed for professional use in supervised public spaces such as restaurants, pools, beaches, hotels, multi family or rental units, and corporate environments. YES
Intensive Use   ? Mobile product, not fixed to the ground, designed for professional use in unsupervised public spaces such as public parks, highway rest areas, recreation facilities, and public or corporate squares that are accessible for extended hours. NO
Material Steel
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Catherine Sofia

Because sensitivity and the search for meaning transcend artistic identity, Catherine Sofia expertly juggles her various roles as artistic director, graphic designer and visual artist.
Unstoppable when it comes to capturing the spirit of the times, she's keen on design, art and fashion.
Her inimitable style is universally recognizable: joyful and quirky, lively and spicy, dreamlike... imbued with humor and femininity.

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  • Steel sheet Frame
  • Removable stainless steel bowl
  • 100% polyester outdoor cord
  • Double fastening system: suspension or screws (not provided)

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Picoti Bird Feeder