The Oasis trend is all about greenery, wildness and nature! With Oasis, we let the outdoors come to life and take time to enjoy it. Here, the furniture becomes an oasis of color in a desert of green.

22 Products

Sixties Rocking Chair
$963.00 Each
Studie Chair
$573.00 Each
Aplô Lamp
$152.00 Each
Aplô Magnetic Base
$70.00 Each
Lorette Trivet
$82.00 Each
Ios Single Stem Vase
$115.00 Each
Itac Cylindrical Vase
$193.00 Each
Itac Rectangular Vase
$193.00 Each
Metal Bistro Chair
$142.00 Each
Luxembourg Side Chair
$457.00 Each
Color Mix Fouta Towel
$95.00 to $101.00 Each
Plein Air Armchair
$575.00 Each
Rythmic Armchair
$673.00 Each