To complete its range of garden furniture, Fermob is launching the most complete set of modular outdoor armchairs and sofas on the market. With its modern and timeless design, all in roundness, Bellevie truly symbolizes the sweetness of life. The variety of elements available offers a multitude of possible configurations and therefore great adaptability to the space. The technical performance of this collection remains unchanged: lightness, ease of maintenance of the cushion covers, durability of the structure, resistance to bad weather... The elements are fastened together quickly and easily using a system of strips.

Generosity has always been the main quality of the Bellevie collection, with its ample and comfortable seats and its unique and contemporary design. Armchair, 2 or 3-seater sofa, low tables, connecting shelves, coffee table, etc. These are infinitely modular configurations, according to space and desires.

The technical performance of the Bellevie collection offers lightness , easy maintenance of the cushion covers, durability of the structure , resistance to bad weather ... Sunbrella ® fabrics 100% solution-dyed acrylic, developed for Fermob by the Dickson company , the outdoor fabric specialist. A polyurethane-based foam selected by Fermob for its ability to return to its initial shape after deformation, even after a long period of use.

The Bellevie range is available at will, since all the modules are available in 25 colors for the aluminum structure. Enough to personalize your patio while remaining in the codes of the collection: modular and easy to live with. Follow our metal and textile color association tips and it's your turn to create a hymn to color!

Complete your Bellevie garden furniture with our wide selection of coffee tables . Play on shapes, round, rectangular, square or even asymmetrical and give rhythm to the whole by mixing the heights.