Care & Maintenance

Unwrapping Products

Please take the greatest of care when unwrapping your furniture so as not to damage it in any way. Marks from knives and scissors, scratches from staples or from placing tabletops on the ground, etc., are not covered under the Fermob guarantee.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance is key to the longevity of your furniture. Clean metal surfaces, particularly tables, when debris builds on surfaces or just when you want to admire its beautiful color. Bird droppings, sap, leaves (organic substances) and other potentially corrosive substances should be cleaned as soon as noticed. To prevent scratches and water retention, we recommend that you do not place decorative objects or flowerpots on tables.

Many Fermob designs are constructed of Steel. Treat these pieces like you would a car. Steel will rust once the outer paint layers are compromised or scratched through. If this occurs, please use Touch-Up Spray (to cover larger areas) or a Paint Pen (for nicks and thin scratches) to touch up these areas. Paint can be purchased through your local dealer or through our website.

Keep in mind that by the nature of the material, Steel rusts. For humid or saline environments aluminum products should be chosen rather than steel. The timing of rust development will depend on the care and environment (humid or salty air speeds up this process). Never leave your Fermob under a cover or non-breathing material such as a tarp. This will promote the deterioration of the finish. Fermob is happiest out in the open or stored away in a dry location with good air circulation.

All our products are delivered with foot protectors that preserve the furniture feet as well as floor surfaces. These pads prevent any degradation or damage to the feet resulting from contact with the ground, which can sometimes be damp or harsh. Do not allow water to accumulate on or around your furniture, especially around the feet and pads. We recommend that you replace any lost foot protectors by ordering a new set through our website. If the protectors needed are not listed, please email for assistance.

COVID Cleaning

The best method to clean Fermob furniture is washing with soap and water. Gently dust beforehand to avoid scratches due to existing rough particles. Use a soft sponge or other nonabrasive cloth along with a mild detergent such as DAWN. If using other cleaners, systematically test the cleaner on an inconspicuous place such as under the table top.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) does not recommend the use of disinfectants for outdoor furniture. If you feel disinfection is necessary, even though not advised, you may use unexpired bleach not to exceed 4 teaspoons of liquid household bleach to 1 quart of room temperature water. Let sit for 1-2 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

AVOID use of ethanol, alcohol, petrol, isopropanol, ammonia, alkaline detergents with (pH>9), products to remove graffiti, and other caustic or acidic products. Occasional use of a bit of pure mineral oil will give your Fermob a clear coat that will both brighten and provide a gentle seal of protection.

Textrol® Treated Wood

Some Fermob furniture includes wood treated with Textrol® to protect it from the weather. By its very nature, wood requires special care: a wood seal such as Textrol® should be regularly applied, with the prior application of a wood cleaner such as Net-Trol® if necessary.

Tabletops should not be covered with plastic sheeting: the chemical components in this type of material can, over time, alter the appearance of the paint as well as its protective anti-corrosion and anti-UV properties.

Furniture that features OTF

OTF (Outdoor Technical Fabric) should be protected from potential damage from contact with sharp objects or sources of heat such as cigarettes.

Fermob furniture is designed and manufactured using recycled and recyclable materials. To help us protect the environment, please remember to take your packaging and any old unwanted furniture to your local waste disposal center for recycling.

Fermob products have a 2 or 3 year structural warranty. If your products experience structural issues within this period, immediately contact your local dealer