Whether it’s lounging on a sunlounger, preparing a cold drink on your bar cart, or having an outside meal with friends and family. Leisure activities call for warm summer days, with comfortable seating. An afternoon dip in the pool can turn into a late night side pool talk. With the lighting collection a Aplo Lamp or Mini Balad Lamp can bring light anywhere with easy mobility. Fermob’s poolside options are made for the outdoors and made to withhold different weather conditions. Their variety of color options allows for all the mix and match you can imagine, perfect for a fun summer look. Fermob makes it simple, exciting, and easy to relax by your poolside.

23 Products

Alize XS Sunlounger
$1,535.00 Each
Alize Sunlounger
$1,899.00 Each
Alize Side Table
$439.00 Each
Color Mix Fouta Towel
$105.00 Each
Balad Lamp H10"
$169.00 Each
Mini Balad Lamps H5" / Set of 3
$309.00 to $370.00 Each
Aplô Lamp
$129.00 Each
Luxembourg Bar Cart
$1,392.00 Each
Sixties Low Armchair
$849.00 Each
Studie Chair
$573.00 Each
Studie Armchair
$682.00 Each
Calvi Table 77" x 37"
$3,649.00 Each
Calvi Table 55" x 55"
$3,961.00 Each
Cadiz Chair
$589.00 Each