FermobUSA "To the Trade" FAQ

Do You Have CAD & BIM Files?

Yes. Click here to download CAD & BIM files of Fermob products for your next design project: Fermob CAD Details Files.

How do you ship?

Orders less than a container are shipped from Cumming, GA. All orders are shipped by common carrier, Fedex or UPS. Unless you are using your own freight account, shipments are pre-paid with boxing and shipping charges added to your invoice.

How much is freight?

Shipments of $1500+ are shipped via common carrier using the Zone Shipping Program. Shipments less than $1500 will require an actual freight quote from our Shipping department. If UPS or FEDEX shipping is required or requested, additional boxing charges of 6.5% will apply. Fermob products come pre-boxed from France and the current packaging, although sufficient for Europe, will not withstand the handling of small package carriers like Fedex/UPS without additional packaging.

Will I be notified before shipping?

No, we cannot notify you before shipping. You will receive an automatic tracking email when shipped & an invoice will be emailed to you shortly after shipment.

Can I change my Shipping Address?

Yes. Please notify us in writing of any changes and request confirmation of receipt of the change. If notification is made after a shipment has left our warehouse, the trucking company will charge you a reconsignment fee.

May I use my own Fedex/UPS account?

Yes. Please provide your account number in writing. Any damage claims must be filed by you and you are solely responsible.

If my order is in stock, when will it ship?

Small package orders normally ship within 2-3 business days from confirmation; LTL orders are scheduled to ship the week following confirmation. Transit time from Atlanta will depend on your location (ex. California typically takes approximately 5 business days).

May I request my own shipper?

Yes. Please provide us with your shipper’s name and account # in writing at the time of order

placement. When utilizing your shipper, a handling fee of $25 will be charged per shipment. Any damage claims must be filed by you and you are solely responsible.

What if I am not available to accept delivery?

If the trucking company has to re-schedule a delivery, they will charge you a re-delivery fee.

Will I receive a tracking email?

Yes, a tracking email will be sent to the main email address on file.

Will backordered items ship automatically?

If the product you ordered is a special order from the factory, then the order cannot be cancelled. Backorders will be shipped at Fermob USA’s discretion.