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Commercial Testing & Standards

Fermob offers a wide choice of exclusively designed outdoor furniture, much of which is the work of recognized designers. Fermob makes more than 400,000 pieces of outdoor furniture every year and exports 45% of its production to all the continents, ranging from North America to Australia and Japan. The Fermob furniture is designed and built to be reliable and to stand up to extreme conditions of use in municipal areas. Fermob applies security standards to its furniture, which anticipates current and future European legislation. The folding mechanism on folding bistro chairs is slowed down by plastic sleeves and simplified to keep hands away from the joints. All flat parts are rounded to eliminate the danger of pointed edges. The factory is non-polluting; in other words, it has “zero discharge “according to the ISO 14,000 norm.

Technical Information

Items with a price in the Contract column have been subjected to rigorous testing. Each seat is tested in accordance with the European standards for "outdoor furniture, seats and tables for collective use" in force: European standard NF EN 581-1, corresponding to safety, and standard NF EN 581-2 being more to do with mechanical resistance and solidity. All pieces of furniture undergo a torture test, which is carried out in the Fermob factory laboratory according to CTBA (Centre Technique du Bois et de l’Ameublement) regulations. Tests for solidity and fatigue of the seats are carried out using a series of 30,000 repeated impacts, each with a weight of 75 kilos followed by 10,000 impacts of 120 kilos, all of which corresponds to 47 years of normal use! Similar exercises for tables test the stability and resistance to fatigue inflicted by a horizontal weight.

The quality and consistency of Fermob furniture are ensured by the meticulous choice of raw materials, notably steel, which make up the majority of Fermob furniture. The strength and elasticity criteria defined in the specifications of each product do not change and are validated on the form, which accompanies the tests, which are carried out on different batches of steel. Special attention is paid to the Jung module, which guarantees the regularity of the shapes.

The metals used are top-grade steel or aluminum. Fermob furniture is either exclusively made of metal or used in combination with tear-proof Outdoor Technical Fabric. which is a PVC-coated polyester. The Outdoor Technical Fabric meets with the ISO 9002 quality assurance system. It can be given fireproof treatment on request. Exclusively Batyline Iso 62 and Twitchell provide our Outdoor Technical Fabric or OTF. They guarantee that the material will be hard-wearing, tear-proof, mold-proof, and will withstand ultraviolet rays and will keep its shape. OTF stays cool, will not hold water and is easy to clean with soap and water.

Our paints are guaranteed free from TGIC (triglycidyl isocyanurate) and contain no heavy metals. The paints are subject to tests for baking, hardness, resistance to scratches and corrosion and follow the AFNOR norms. Fermob furniture undergoes several stages of rust resistance followed by two paint stages: a Fermob-exclusive process in one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly plants in Europe. Two treatments are available: a High Protection Treatment Index of 13 or a VERY High Protection Treatment Index of 22 (cataphoresis). #22 is recommended for use in humid or saline climates. The paint used is a DuPont powder, 100% polyester, anti-UV, deposited electrostatically on the furniture then baked at 193 degrees.

Aluminum systematically undergoes thermal treatment (185° C for 6 hours) to increase its mechanical resistance (T6 classification) which allows Fermob furniture to become more solid while at the same time preserves the fineness of its lines and its lightness.


Special Colors

Other colors can be studied upon request. (RAL color chart) Application of any nonstandard color is 8% with a minimum net charge Application of a Fermob color not mentioned in the price list 8% with a minimum net charge.


Personalization on Fermob products is available. Fermob can laser cut on seats with a metal backrest, print on OTF and silk screen print on steel tables. Email us your logo to request a quote on these options.

Fire Resistant Treatments

Steel Grey & Russet OTF are fireproof. Cotton White, Cedar Green, Fuchsia, Nutmeg & Liquourice can be made fireproof. Contact for a quote.


Listed below are a sampling of other Fermob installations worldwide:

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CAD Files

Click here to download CAD & BIM files of Fermob products for your next design project: Fermob CAD Details Files