The 1900 chair is part of the very French tradition of romantic gardens while displaying the practicality that can be appreciated by even the most modern trends. Redesigned a little over ten years ago, this garden chair is now stackable with a perforated seat. Its hand-forged rings are made in the Fermob factory in Thoissey. With its timeless craftmanship, it’s easy to love this elegant metal garden chair

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1900 Stacking Chair
$459.00 Each
1900 Armchair
$641.00 Each
1900 Bench
$1,301.00 Each
1900 Hanging Armchair
$922.00 Each
1900 Low Table
$358.00 Each
1900 26" Table
$759.00 Each
1900 Round Table 38"
$864.00 Each
1900 Round Table 46"
$1,117.00 Each