Created at the end of the 19th century, contemporary with the Eiffel Tower, the Bistro folding chair , simple and solid, was a real hit with the lemonade makers of the time. Today, the Bistro spirit has not lost any of its charm: revisited by Fermob, the model has gained even more ingenuity and cheerfulness! Bistro is authenticity and harmony rediscovered!

21 Products

Bistro Duraflon Chair
$140.00 Each
Bistro Natural Chair
$160.00 Each
Metal Bistro Chair
$133.00 Each
Bistro Chaise Lounge
$753.00 Each
Bistro Bar Stool
$276.00 Each
Bistro High Table
$434.00 Each
Bistro Table 38x22"
$429.00 Each
Bistro Table 46x30"
$556.00 Each
Bistro Table 30x22"
$355.00 Each
Bistro Table 28x28"
$355.00 Each
Bistro Table 15x22"
$309.00 Each
Bistro Table 22x22"
$314.00 Each