Made toward the end of the nineteenth century, the Bistro collapsing seat has a design that is simple yet solid and timeless! The metal Bistro folding chair and tables with curved slats are made from one of the most sustainable, recycled metals: powder-coated steel. Fermob's timeless design expands into a variety of styles and products.

22 Products

Metal Bistro Chair
$142.00 Each
Bistro Natural Chair
$170.00 Each
Bistro Duraflon Chair
$149.00 Each
Bistro Chaise Lounge
$802.00 Each
Bistro Bar Stool
$294.00 Each
Bistro High Table
$462.00 Each
Bistro Table 15x22"
$329.00 Each
Bistro Table 22x22"
$334.00 Each
Bistro Table 38x22"
$457.00 Each
Bistro Table 28x28"
$378.00 Each
BISTRO+ Table 28x28"
$384.00 Each
Bistro Table 30x22"
$378.00 Each
Bistro Table 46x30"
$592.00 Each