Made toward the end of the nineteenth century, the Bistro collapsing seat has a design that is simple yet solid and timeless! The metal Bistro folding chair and tables with curved slats are made from one of the most sustainable, recycled metals: powder-coated steel. Fermob's timeless design comes in different styles such as Classique, Duraflon, Natural, Metal, Chaise Lounge, Bar Stool, High Table, Balcony Table, Round Table, and its Square Table designs.

The classic chair design has a curved back that is designed for comfort. Its high-quality welding and materials also provide sturdiness to hold up to 275 lbs.

21 Products

Metal Bistro Chair
$142.00 Each
Bistro Natural Chair
$170.00 Each
Bistro Duraflon Chair
$149.00 Each
Bistro Chaise Lounge
$802.00 Each
Bistro Bar Stool
$294.00 Each
Bistro High Table
$462.00 Each
Bistro Table 15x22"
$329.00 Each
Bistro Table 22x22"
$334.00 Each
BISTRO+ Table 22x22"
$351.00 Each
Bistro Table 38x22"
$457.00 Each
Bistro Table 28x28"
$378.00 Each
BISTRO+ Table 28x28"
$384.00 Each
Bistro Table 30x22"
$378.00 Each
Bistro Table 46x30"
$592.00 Each