The Cadiz collection, designed by Antoine Lesur, offers a generous range of seats with a contemporary feel. The combination of aluminum and TTE (Outdoor Textile Canvas), popularized by Fermob more than 22 years ago, is making a comeback, providing both comfort and resistance for outdoor use, even in harsh climatic conditions (seaside ). Cadiz multiplies the qualities. The aluminum structure ensures lightness, maneuverability; Cadiz travels on the terrace, according to the number of guests and the desires of the moment: high seats for the pool house, through the dining area, he will also take part in the lounge area with his armchair.

The break in the lines of the backrest and the seat brings modernity to the garden furniture, a sign of a unique design. The armrests are hydroformed; cutting-edge technology borrowed from the aerospace industry which, in 17 successive steps, transforms a straight tube into a thin, curved armrest. A real technical feat! Cadiz lives outside or inside for all seasons. The only thing left to choose is—the color!

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