A wonderful illustration of one of Fermob's key biases: simplicity. Tristan Lohner, a designer in tune with Fermob's values, has designed a table with a stunning rendering thanks to the skill of Fermob technicians: the top holds invisibly as if by magic on legs revealing the purity of a simple form.

Available in 3 shapes - round, square and rectangular -, 5 heights and 7 sizes, the Bebop collection meets all functions: coffee table , bedside table , pedestal table---whether inside, in a living room, in a bedroom, outside in a garden or on the terrace, in a private home or in a hotel.

Variety of heights and colors, versatility of uses, geometry of the assortments characterize Bebop, a collection that swings, while being another of its virtues, of great stability, a great miracle given the shape of its feet.

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